Track work orders on the assembly line

Here’s a nice little video to help inspire you to track work orders on the assembly line with barcodes?

What… barcodes?

Yep, barcodes. Scroll down below the video for more…

Turns out, you can track orders on the assembly line with barcodes. Employees simply scan barcodes telling you who is working on what. Now you have timestamped records of the employee doing the work and the job they are doing.

The program we’re describing is Standard Time®.

Standard Time has the ability to collect time entries using barcodes. Just tack a few strategic codes to workbenches and you’re ready to start. Scan an employee name and job number. A timer will start. You’re now collecting the very basics. There are a lot more things to scan, but this is the start. Go ahead and download ST and try scanning. You’ll like it.  🙂