Status for Manufacturing Managers

Job status. This is how you get it:

  1. Put a Chromebook on the shop floor
  2. Print barcodes for your job numbers
  3. Scan those barcodes
  4. A WIP screen shows job status for everyone to see
  5. Watch this additional video for details:


Job Control By Voice

Use your voice to control timers when tracking manufacturing work orders.

Yep, voice control over work order timers. Now!

Let’s say you’ve got twenty work orders on the shop floor at any given time. Or fifty. And, you want to measure how long they take. Turns out, you can start a timer using voice control, and stop the same timer at a later time, also with voice.

The video below shows how.

Start Timers With Project Tasks

Here’s a quick tip for office worker who need to collect time using a timer. A single click will start or stop a timer for a given task.

Standard Time® displays tasks assigned to you. A single click will start a timer to record your work. When you’re done, just click again to stop it.

You’ll probably also notice some right-click menus that offer other timer options. Go ahead and explore!

How to add Barcoding to your mfg Shop

How can I add barcoding to my manufacturing shop? You’ll just need a Chromebook connected to Wi-Fi, some barcode labels printed in a word processor, and Standard Time® manufacturing software. That is the simplest collection of tools to do the job.

After assembling those items above, you can collect employee hours for work orders on the shop floor. The barcode scans will tell you the employee who did the work, the start and stop times, actual work, work order, client, and any other scans you want to collect. Print it out, export to Excel, or pay employees by their scans.

Project Assistant For Mfg Work Orders

Here’s an easy way to create new work orders in Standard Time®. The “Project Assistant” in this video steps through all the pages of a new project.

And did you know, once you have created a project, you can create a copy from it? Creating a duplicate of an existing project is even simpler. Just right-click on any project and choose Duplicate! Now you have a new work order that is ready to scan!

Watch this video for inspiration.  🙂

My barcode scanner won’t work!

Help! I can’t get this barcode scanner to work!

Using a word processor and barcode font?

If so, this long and boring video may help. It applies to barcode labels you create in a word processor using a barcode font. You’ll discover some pitfalls to avoid when creating your own labels.