Manufacturing Assistant

I need help! Everyone could use an assistant these days. Have you consideredĀ  software assistance? Standard Time is just the tool for manufacturing. It tracks job status and employee time so you don’t have to. That’s the very definition of assistance. Watch the video below, and then try it out.


Invoice clients for manufacturing jobs

Get paid! That’s what this little inspirational video is all about.

Learn how to configure Standard TimeĀ® to collect time and expenses for customers, then bill them with professional invoices. This includes all time and materials consumed on the shop floor in manufacturing.


How to add barcoding to your mfg shop

Want to add barcoding to your shop? This little video may provide some inspiration to proceed. It’s not hard. Just print some barcode labels from MS Word, then scan them in Standard Time. Now you’ve got timestamped records of work orders and employee hours. Call us up; we’ll show you how!