Engineers Track Employee Progress

Manufacturing engineers use barcodes and dashboards to track employee hours, jobs, status, customer orders. Watch this little video for inspiration.  🙂


Upcoming Jobs For Shop Floor

Shop floor operators can see upcoming jobs they are scheduled to work on, using a single scan.

The video below shows how to display a list of upcoming jobs operators are scheduled to work on today and this week.


Barcode Timers Running on Shop Floor

Here’s a quick way to find if timers are running for time logs, projects, users, and project tasks. This lets you check shop floor timer status, which is usually started by scanning barcodes.

Your employees are starting timers in Standard Time with barcodes, right? Those timers use projects, tasks, and people, true? Then the method in this video should help you identify which jobs, tasks, and people have timers running at any given time. Simple!

Check them after everybody has clocked in and out to make sure everything is as expected.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!