Manufacturers Embrace Automation

You can automate your shop! With barcodes and RFID!

Try scanning in Standard Time® and see what happens. You’ll instantly see where your work orders are, how long they took to complete, and who’s your best employee. Already know who your best employee is? Hey, you might be surprised!

Automated Imports and Exports

For nerds only. And only nerds who import and export data.

Everyone else… do not click.

This video will hopefully inspire you to try automated imports and exports to exchange data on a scheduled basis. This can be a huge time saver.

Get Your Gears in Gear

Let us help you get inspired! Ready to make some changes to the shop floor? Why not try barcoding? Barcode labels let you track work order status, employee hours, employee status and availability. Get real-time status of shop floor activities with Standard Time®.