Collect Real-Time Data

Use barcodes to collect real-time data on the shop floor. Then use automated scripts and exports to refresh dashboards and databases. Let us know if you need help getting started.

Scheduled Scripts Automate The Shop Floor

Here is one way to automate the manufacturing shop floor… with scheduled scripts! The script below runs on a regular basis, and send emails to managers with the results. You can use this technique to send data to managers, or update databases, or display in dashboards. Query the Standard Time® database in a SQL script, then schedule it to run periodically. Easy!

Reconfiguring the ST User Interface

Here’s a simple utilitarian video to introduce you to the UI configuration capabilities in Standard Time. Use these techniques to rearrange things in ST to suit your needs.

Prep For QuickBooks Time and Materials

Follow the steps in this video to prepare your manufacturing, engineering, and employee timesheets for QuickBooks. Aligning your timesheets to QB is not hard, but you need to know how QB expects information to be assembled. This video makes it clear.


QuickBooks Invoices From MFG Jobs

Here’s an overview of the connection from Standard Time® to QuickBooks® Online®. And more specifically, how to create an invoice in QuickBooks from time and materials in ST.

Time and materials are collected using barcode scans on the shop floor. Once collected, they can be sent to QB for invoicing.