Got a big job? Use Standard Time®

Got a big job? Why not try Standard Time®.  It’s made for big jobs.

Standard Time has the capability to handle a lot of tasks, and a lot or resources assigned to those tasks. It’s got big tools like Gantt charts, Resource Allocation Charts, Manpower charts, and drag-and-drop calendars.

Give it a try!

Welder Earns PhD on Barstool

Hey, manufacturing managers. This is what they say about you after hours!  Haha!

Watch below, and enjoy a little ribbing and roasting!

Project Assistant For Mfg Work Orders

Prepping work orders for barcode scanning in Standard Time® may include the use of a “Project Assistant.” This video describes creating jobs using this assistant.

Once you get into production in earnest, you probably won’t need the Project Assistant. Instead, you can right-click on an existing project and choose Duplicate.

Things to Scan on the Shop Floor

Get inspired to scan!

Ever wonder what you can scan on the shop floor to automate employee time track, work order and inventory management? Here’s a list, and a video to inspire you. First click the link to open a whitepaper with the full list. Then watch the video for inspiration and ideas. Try applying one or two things from this list. Grow your manufacturing automation and become a hero!

Things to scan on the shop floor:

The full video:

Scan Barcodes in any Mfg Shop

You can add barcode time tracking to just about any manufacturing shop. Watch this little video for inspiration.

Just put a low-cost tablet on the shop floor. Add a barcode scanner to it. And now you’re tracking employee time! It’s pretty simple, actually.