Track Job Progress

Track job progress with ST

Livestream ST Overview

Here is an overview of Standard Time from a livestream webinar.  It covers the very basics, and may help inspire you to try some of the features and capabilities in the program.

After viewing this overview, check out the ScoutwestInc YouTube channel for detailed videos.

Manufacturing Work In Progress

Hey, want an airport “arrivals” and “departures” screen for your jobs on the shop floor? Watch this video for some inspiration. What you need is a “Work In Progress” screen. It shows all your manufacturing jobs currently on the shop floor.

Manage Production Jobs In Graphical Calendar

You may have hundreds of project and thousands of tasks for engineering and production. This video shows how to manage those tasks in a calendar. Specifically, a graphical calendar that displays tasks on dates and hours of the day. Drag and drop tasks to various dates to manage start and finish dates. Then view a bar chart of future manpower efforts in what we call the “Resource Allocation” chart.

This video uses the Standard Time cloud test site.

Standard Time Cloud on a Cellphone

Operators can use their cellphone’s on the shop floor to start timers for work orders, jobs, and projects. Just speak, and timers start automatically!

Yep, that’s right! Just speak to start work order timers!

Why is this valuable? Because everybody carries a mobile phone, and they are easy devices to record time, even on the job site.

Watch this little video to learn how.