Prepping a New Manufacturing Job

Follow these steps to prep a new job for the shop floor. Once prepped, employees can scan the job name and tasks. A timer will start. They can scan again to stop that timer. Now you’ve got timestamped records of all employee working on jobs.

Fabrication Shops Use Barcodes

Fab shops use Standard Time and barcodes for job tracking. Here’s how:

scroll down for a little inspiration video

And then read this:
Set up a $70 scanning tablet where employees can scan jobs. Tell them to start by scanning their name. Then scan a job number. A timer starts, and the employee is free to walk off and start the work. When they finish, they return to the scanning station, scan their name again, and then the word STOP. That’s it!

Now you’ve got timestamped records of job status. Wow, that was easy!

Give it a try at the Standard Time cloud site.


Barcode Scanning Inventory

Want to track inventory usage on the shop floor with barcodes? The video below will show you how. It’s not hard.

You’ll just need a barcode scanner connected to any tablet or computer. Print your own barcode labels, or scan SKU’s on existing inventory items. A single scan records usage.

You can’t get any simpler than that!