Barcode Your Assembly Line

Adding barcodes to your assembly line can tell you where each job is being run. How? By scanning those barcodes when each job is run. In fact, you can collect a lot more information from barcodes. Scroll down below the video for some thoughts.

Assume you use three barcode labels to start each job.

  1. Employee name
  2. Work order
  3. Assembly line

You can derive the following information from just those three labels:

  1. Where the job is at right now
  2. If the job is running, or has ended
  3. How ran the job
  4. When the job started
  5. The estimated time elapsed and remaining
  6. What department has the job
  7. What assembly line is running the job
  8. Capacity usage information about the assembly line
  9. Work In Progress details

That’s a lot of information just from three scans. The product to try is called Standard Time®. You can download and give it a try today!

Track Manufacturing Hours Anywhere

Using our barcoding software makes tracking manufacturing hours easy. How does it work? With barcode scanners.

This software is intended for employees who don’t use computers.

Simply pass barcode labels under a scanner, and the walk away. You’re now tracking time for manufacturing jobs and work orders. Watch the video below for inspiration, and then download Standard Time® and try it yourself.