Fab Shop with Standard Time

Investing in CNC milling is a great investment for your manufacturing shop. But have you considered using Standard Time in connection with it?

What’s Standard Time?

It’s how you track jobs going through your shop. And how you track employee hours. And Work In Progress (WIP). Hopefully, the little video below will inspire you to try ST. Buy a barcode scanner, and use it to track work orders that travel through the shop. Let us know if we can help!  🙂


Manufacturing Resources

Manufacturers!  Start the New Year using barcodes. Exactly how, you ask?

By scanning them to track time and materials.

Turns out, employees can scan work orders to start a timer. When they stop that timer, you have collected the hours worked and status for that job. All with just a few scans. No computer. No software. No sitting in front of a terminal with dirty hands. Just scan and go!

Watch the video and contact us for info!