Scan Inventory on Shop Floor

Checking inventory in and out of stock is as easy as a barcode scan. Watch the guy in this video, then download Standard Time®.

Let us know if scanning turned out as easy as this video!

Track Employee Time

Shop floors can get messy but that is because work is being done. In the end, you still need to track work orders and employee time , even in a hostile environment. Consider barcodes, or even RFID for time tracking in such places.

RFID is completely solid-state, and immune to dust and chemicals. just swipe and go. Nothing bothers RFID… not dust, dirt, grease and grime, grinding dust, or oils. It’s really the best choice for hostile shop floors.

Here’s a little video to inspire and remind you to try Standard Time® with RFID or barcodes.


Scanning Steel Plates From Inventory

Do you love the smell of steel? I love the smell of steel. And the numerous lubricants on the shop floor. And the smell of side-grinders, flux-core welders, and mig, and tig.

We hope you love Standard Time® barcoding software almost as much.  🙂