My barcode scanner won’t work!

Help! I can’t get this barcode scanner to work!

Using a word processor and barcode font?

If so, this long and boring video may help. It applies to barcode labels you create in a word processor using a barcode font. You’ll discover some pitfalls to avoid when creating your own labels.


Welder Earns PhD on Barstool

Hey, manufacturing managers. This is what they say about you after hours!  Haha!

Watch below, and enjoy a little ribbing and roasting!

Project Assistant For Mfg Work Orders

Prepping work orders for barcode scanning in Standard Time® may include the use of a “Project Assistant.” This video describes creating jobs using this assistant.

Once you get into production in earnest, you probably won’t need the Project Assistant. Instead, you can right-click on an existing project and choose Duplicate.

Things to Scan on the Shop Floor

Get inspired to scan!

Ever wonder what you can scan on the shop floor to automate employee time track, work order and inventory management? Here’s a list, and a video to inspire you. First click the link to open a whitepaper with the full list. Then watch the video for inspiration and ideas. Try applying one or two things from this list. Grow your manufacturing automation and become a hero!

Things to scan on the shop floor:

The full video:

Manufacturing Work In Progress

Hey, want an airport “arrivals” and “departures” screen for your jobs on the shop floor? Watch this video for some inspiration. What you need is a “Work In Progress” screen. It shows all your manufacturing jobs currently on the shop floor.

Manufacturing Instant Job Status

Use barcode scanning for immediate job status. Here’s how it works:

  1. Employees can scan job numbers as they start work on them
  2. Timestamps appear on your computer screen
  3. You know which jobs are in progress at any time


Chasing Jobs? Let them come to you!

Chasing the status of jobs and work orders on the shop floor? Well… you know… “there’s an app for that” as they used to say in the 2000’s. Or was that the 1990’s?

That app is Standard Time. It can chase jobs status for you.

ST has a “Work in Progress” WIP screen that shows the latest status of every job. Put a 60″ TV up on the wall, and everybody can see the latest job status.

This short video may act as inspiration to try it. 🙂

Shop Floor Organization

One of the best things you can do to save manufacturing admin time is barcodes.

Here’s why: Most shops report their employee time with handwritten timesheets. Workers fill in a sheet for their week and hand it to their supervisors. Have you considered replacing that step with scanning barcodes instead?

You save the minutes and hours that accumulate in filling them out, and you save the human error that results from attempts to remember work performed. You also save transcription mistakes when reentering the hours into other software. Just scan and go!

Barcodes are the best!

Metal Workers Scan Barcodes

Metal workers do not sit down at workstations, and hunt and peck. I guarantee that!

So, how do you collect time and inventory usage for them? Uhhh… we don’t.

Try this: give them a barcode scanner and Standard Time®.

Employee Time Tracking

Have you considered using barcodes to track employee time? Watch the short video below, and contact us at He’ll help you get started!