Manufacturing Assistant

I need help! Everyone could use an assistant these days. Have you considered  software assistance? Standard Time is just the tool for manufacturing. It tracks job status and employee time so you don’t have to. That’s the very definition of assistance. Watch the video below, and then try it out.


Collect Real-Time Data

Use barcodes to collect real-time data on the shop floor. Then use automated scripts and exports to refresh dashboards and databases. Let us know if you need help getting started.

Scheduled Scripts Automate The Shop Floor

Here is one way to automate the manufacturing shop floor… with scheduled scripts! The script below runs on a regular basis, and send emails to managers with the results. You can use this technique to send data to managers, or update databases, or display in dashboards. Query the Standard Time® database in a SQL script, then schedule it to run periodically. Easy!

Prep For QuickBooks Time and Materials

Follow the steps in this video to prepare your manufacturing, engineering, and employee timesheets for QuickBooks. Aligning your timesheets to QB is not hard, but you need to know how QB expects information to be assembled. This video makes it clear.


Smart Phones for Manufacturing

Use your cell phone on the manufacturing floor to track job status, employee hours, and report inventory usage. You can even scan barcodes. The Standard Time® cloud lets you do everything on your phone. Give it a try!

Manufacturing Challenges

Use Standard Time® to solve manufacturing challenges. Challenges like, knowing where every job is all the time, and like knowing how much time you spend doing them, and like how much inventory those jobs consume.

Try out the barcode scanning capabilities and let us know your results!

Chromebook Track Jobs With RFID

Watch how we use these two Chromebooks to track manufacturing products with RFID tags. Just scan once and you get a timestamped record of the location of your job.

Consider using sticky-label RFID tags on all your boxes, inventory, products, and jobs so they can be tracked through the shop. You’ll know when, where, and who scanned.

Manufacturing Engineer’s Nerve Center Part 2

Hey, nerds! Did you actually watch the Nerve Center Part 1 video?

You did? Seriously? Then you are a nerd.

You will love Part 2 below. It expands upon the nerdishly nerdish capabilities in Standard Time. You’ll need every last drop of this for your staff meetings and weekly tech-drops. Nobody will be more informed than you. Nobody will have more manufacturing job info than you. You are nerd king.

Tell us what you think!

Manufacturing Engineer’s Nerve Center Part 1

Calling all nerd engineers! You will want to memorize this!

Standard Time® has so many valuable capabilities and areas for nerds. Dig into the details, dig into the numbers, dig into the dashboards! This is where nerds earn gold stars for nerdiness, and where the rest of the company gets valuable manufacturing data. Of course, it all starts with barcode scans on the shop floor, and builds into actionable data. Get started today!

Automated Imports and Exports

For nerds only. And only nerds who import and export data.

Everyone else… do not click.

This video will hopefully inspire you to try automated imports and exports to exchange data on a scheduled basis. This can be a huge time saver.