Manufacturing Work In Progress

Hey, want an airport “arrivals” and “departures” screen for your jobs on the shop floor? Watch this video for some inspiration. What you need is a “Work In Progress” screen. It shows all your manufacturing jobs currently on the shop floor.

Engineers Track Employee Progress

Manufacturing engineers use barcodes and dashboards to track employee hours, jobs, status, customer orders. Watch this little video for inspiration.  🙂


Barcode Timers Running on Shop Floor

Here’s a quick way to find if timers are running for time logs, projects, users, and project tasks. This lets you check shop floor timer status, which is usually started by scanning barcodes.

Your employees are starting timers in Standard Time with barcodes, right? Those timers use projects, tasks, and people, true? Then the method in this video should help you identify which jobs, tasks, and people have timers running at any given time. Simple!

Check them after everybody has clocked in and out to make sure everything is as expected.

Watch the video and let us know what you think!


Even Robots Use Barcodes

Here’s a wild idea: Affix barcodes or RFID tags to your robots. As they perform tasks, they will also scan values useful to manufacturing KPI’s. Use those values in advanced calculations that help define your business. Display those values on a dashboard so everyone can view them.

Did you know Standard Time® can do all those things?

Here’s a little video to help inspire you. Hope you like it!

Shop Manager’s Use our Software

This is the software shop managers and supervisors use to track work orders going through production. Hopefully, this little video will inspire you to try it.

Manufacturing Instant Job Status

Use barcode scanning for immediate job status. Here’s how it works:

  1. Employees can scan job numbers as they start work on them
  2. Timestamps appear on your computer screen
  3. You know which jobs are in progress at any time


Organize Your Manufacturing Shop

What does it take to update your shop for the 2020’s? (see video below for answer)

  • Robots? Nope.
  • Fully automated lights-out operation? Nope.
  • Send everything to China? Never!

All you need are a few barcode labels and a scanner. $50 on Amazon. And Standard Time® manufacturing software. Give that a try before you bring in the robots.

Chromebook on Standard Time Cloud

Chromebook tablets and laptops work great as inexpensive barcode scanning stations.  Deploy them anywhere on the shop floor, or even at each workbench. Just connect to the Standard Time® cloud by Wi-Fi and start scanning. This video shows how. It also shows how to speak as an alternative to scanning.

Send a link to your production manager!

Chasing Jobs? Let them come to you!

Chasing the status of jobs and work orders on the shop floor? Well… you know… “there’s an app for that” as they used to say in the 2000’s. Or was that the 1990’s?

That app is Standard Time. It can chase jobs status for you.

ST has a “Work in Progress” WIP screen that shows the latest status of every job. Put a 60″ TV up on the wall, and everybody can see the latest job status.

This short video may act as inspiration to try it. 🙂

Welders Track Time

Even a fat-fingered welder can track time with barcodes. So there’s no excuse for missing work orders, unknown job status, or who-knows-where-that-job-went excuses. Just grab a barcode scanner and clock in!

To be fair, welders have some of the best hand-eye coordination of all human beings — fat-fingered or not. It’s the engineers that can’t tell their butts from a butt weld. So really, barcode time tracking is good for everyone!

One more for the road: Why do they only give welders ten minute breaks? Any longer and they’d have to retrain them. 🙂