Print Barcode Labels From MS Word

Learn how to print barcode labels from MS Word. Did you know your MS Word can print barcode labels? Yep, and really easy. This tutorial shows how.

Of course, we hope you’ll realize the potential for tracking employee time with barcode scanners, and this is just one of the little steps you’ll take. Consider these steps for tracking time with barcode labels:

  1. Print employee names on barcode labels
  2. Print projects and tasks, also on barcode labels
  3. Create those employees and projects in ST
  4. Press F4 to open the barcode window
  5. Scan a username
  6. Scan a project name
  7. Scan a task
  8. The timer starts!
  9. Go about your work
  10. Scan your username again (after a few hours of work)
  11. Scan the word *STOP*
  12. The timer stops!
  13. Now you have a lot of cool information you never had before.
  14. Check it out!