Engineering director gets a mentor

Why does this engineering director consider changing careers?

Engineering is a hard discipline.  And this engineering director has hit a brick wall.

Enjoy the lighter side of project management!  🙂

This poor guy has hit a brick wall and has turned to an unlikely source for advice.  He learns that Standard Time® is his answer.  Even drug dealers knows that!  But if he can’t make it work, then maybe a change of profession is in his future.

Seriously… Standard Time is a pretty good engineering timesheet.  It’s built with engineering tasks and project tracking in mind.  Project managers can see their project status at a glance.  They see employee task assignments… resource allocation… and employee availability.  Need to find resources based on skill?  Or resources that can fill a certain role?  Easy.  That is why engineering groups prefer Standard Time.

Here’s a great engineering timesheet video.