Project Portfolios

Group your projects into portfolios and get reports, graphs and metrics.

Grouping projects by portfolio is a simple way to perform operations for like projects.  What does that mean?  It means if you want a report for a certain group of projects, put them in a portfolio and run the report on that portfolio.  Or if you want to see tasks allocated to users on just a certain group of projects, again, put them into a portfolio and view the resource allocation window.  Other such operation might be viewing a project revenue chart, or viewing resource utilization reports for a certain portfolio of projects.

Project portfolio management is built into Standard Time®.  So whenever you need a see a report or chart or graph, look for the option to view only the projects in a chosen portfolio.

Project revenue by portfolio

For instance, project revenue is a great use of portfolios.  Lets say you need to view project revenue estimates for the consulting jobs.  Or a certain manufacturing process.  Or geographical region.  Just put the projects that matter into a portfolio, and your revenue chart shows only them.  Nice!

Project resource allocation by portfolio

Another great application for portfolios is viewing project task allocation by portfolio.  Let’s say you want to see how tasks are assigned to the consulting projects, or by type of project.  Again, portfolios work great.  You see only those tasks assigned to projects in a selected portfolio.  So, group up your projects and give it a try!