Customer Login and App

Customers can now see the status of their projects without bugging you! They just log-in to Standard Time® and get an update. Or use Android app called ProjectBot.

Customers want project status.  And they sometimes want it frequently… like every day!

Fortunately, there is a simple solution.  Standard Time has a simple client login page where your customers can log in to get their status.  All their projects are listed.  They can see how many hours were allocated, and how many hours were logged.  Simple.

Android ProjectBot

Plus, there’s even a simpler way.  There’s an Android app called ProjectBot that does the same thing.  Except that it does it automatically.  Every 15 minutes, ProjectBot syncs with the cloud and pulls down all the project information for that client.  The client can simply look at the app for the status.  That makes things pretty simple!