Don’t Boil The Ocean

When I develop products, I like them foundational.  In other words, simple.  Every release of our products is simple.  They are almost never a week away from release.  That affords a few good luxuries.

First, the products are (almost) alway stable.  There are never any huge releases that introduce a dozen bugs into the system.  Every release has at least a few small bug fixes and polish.  We keep up on that, along with adding new functionality.

Second, we’re nimble.  If a customer asks for a new feature, it’s less than a week from delivery.  Customers love that, I can assure you.

Lastly, project management is simpler.  There are no huge project plans to deal with.  Just small to-do lists we can check off rapidly.  Does it always work?  Yes.  Well, maybe not always…  Okay, about half the time.  But that’s better than deep-dives and unstable products.  Wouldn’t you say?