Optimizing Organizational Performance

Have you heard of the “Optimizing Organizational Performance” webinar PMI is hosting?  It’s free, and the blurb looks good.  I’ve already registered.  Here’s the link below.


Here’s why you should attend:

AstroWix quote: Each year, an estimated $10 trillion is spent on projects around the world and almost 50% of them fail.

I’d like to hear your opinions, after the webinar.  What did you learn?  Was it over your head?  Beneath you?  Feel free to submit your comments here – that is, if you remember this blog posting after April 30th.

I personally don’t like heavyhanded project methodologies.  Anything heavier than a project plan, timesheet, and regular meetings bothers me.  I understand the need for process overhead, but sometimes people get carried away.  Of course, the simple approach assumes a top-down buy-in from upper management, something I always have.  Other organizations don’t have it so good.  So, let’s see how this PMI webinar works!


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