The Half-Pipe Stays

Have you seen the FedEx commercial with the half-pipe?  It’s halarious! As employees crash all over the place, the big boss discusses how much time FedEx is saving them, but then asks, “So why aren’t we getting more done”. One of the managers says, “Maybe we should get rid of the half pipe?” The boss ponders for a moment and says, “No, the half pipe stays.”


This kind of environment exploded during the tech boom. The feeling was that all of the dot com’s were going to make millions and competition was not a problem.  In order to recruit young talent, companies offered more than the standard benefits, i.e. health insurance, company car, etc. They offered a work environment that became a place where individualism rules. This is where today’s job market and yesterday’s collide.


When my father entered the work place I can picture an old-timer standing at the front of the office cracking a whip. Nobody likes that. Today we have moved to the opposite extreme. We get free massages and our choice of gourmet coffee. There are ping pong and foosball tables and the most distracting item of all…the internet! It’s easy to spend hours on the web planning vacations, reading articles and checking out American Idol results.


In my opinion Ramiele can sing. I think she was robbed. They should’ve sent Kristy Lee Cook home!  But that just makes my point. I am guilty like the rest. I could be more focused, after all what’s more important: the survival of my job, or playing on a half-pipe? But secretly… I hope Carly Smithson wins. What do you think?