Walmart Nextbook for Barcoding

Run your shop floor or any manufacturing with this inexpensive tablet from Wal-Mart and a barcode scanner from Amazon. (Scroll down for video)

For about $200 you can have a wireless barcode station on the shop floor. Scan every job, and you will know the follow information about your operation:

  1. How much time each employee works on shop floor jobs
  2. How much time each product takes to manufacture, assemble, and ship
  3. How long each step of the process takes
  4. How many jobs you did in a week, month, quarter, or year
  5. Your average time per job
  6. Your average completion time
  7. Your worst job time
  8. Your best job time

This is how you eek out percentage points in efficiency. You trim one small thing at a time. And you keep trimming until your operation is as efficient as possible.