Track Manufacturing Time with RFID Tags

Put an RFID tag on every product. That will allow you to track it through the production process. (scroll down for video)

RFID tags cost about ten cents in volume, and one cent in really high volume. That makes them affordable enough to stick onto every product on the shop floor. Or have you already done that? In any case, now that you have them, you can track the time each product spends in production.

  • Scan once to start a timer
  • Scan again to stop the timer

Guess what? Now you have timestamps for every time you touched that unit. Add them up and you know the exact handling time. Here are some thing you could track:

  1. Track manufacturing time
  2. Track handling time
  3. Track employee time
  4. Track shipping and receiving

Watch the RFID video below and then download Standard Time®.