Things You Collect with Barcode Scanners

Ever wonder what things you can scan during the manufacturing process? Here’s a quickie video for you. It’s not a tutorial on barcode scanning, just a survey of things you can scan. Scroll down below the video for a list.


Things you can scan on the shop floor:

  1. Employee names
  2. Project names
  3. Task names
  4. Categories
  5. Project status
  6. Task status and completion flag
  7. Expense templates
  8. Inventory items
  9. BOM lists
  10. Tools
  11. Unique items for your business
  12. Scripts

Got another thing you want to scan in your mfg shop? Have you tried the “Required Scans” option? That let’s you craft a custom scan to collect unique values for your manufacturing KPI’s and status. Scripts are another possibility to extend the built-in scanning capabilities of Standard Time. Just scan a script name and let it perform and database, email or web interaction you need. You will need IT support for script writing. They can be complex, but they are also very flexible and wide in their scope. You can do just about anything in scripts.

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