Slot Mfg Jobs For Production

What tool do you use to schedule jobs for assembly lines? A spreadsheet? Verbal communication with line managers? Or just big arguments centering around first-come-first-served job scheduling?

Most companies use a combination of all these.

But there is a tool. Watch this video, then scroll down below for a brief discussion and download link.

The tool described above is named Standard Time®. It slots jobs on assembly lines, and then takes input using barcode scanners. Now you can compare project estimates with actuals.

Projects are displayed on a Gantt chart. Each one can have unlimited tasks and subtasks assigned to workgroups or users. This lets you see manpower charts for headcount and scheduling charts for assembly lines. Both human and non-human resources are handled by ST.

You can give ST a try at the link below. It’s free to try, plus we’ll set up a GoToMeeting to walk you through the process.

Download Standard Time