Print barcode labels and track time for each one

Print sequential barcode labels using the Barcode Builder™ app that comes with Standard Time®. See the video below.

Standard Time supports barcode scanners to track time for manufacturing, assembly, and jobs. Just scan a barcode label to start the timer, and scan again to stop. But what barcode labels are you scanning? How do you print them out? Where do they come from?

That is the subject of this video. Barcode Builder creates new project tasks in the Standard Time database, plus it prints sequential labels with those same names. So when you scan a barcode label, you are starting a timer for that task in ST.

Barcode Builder is free. Just ask us, and we’ll tell you how to download it. Watch the video to learn how to use it.

Barcode Builder asks for a project to create tasks under. It also asks for the starting number of a task and the quantity. Click Print, and you get that number of labels printed on Avery® labels. Make sure to use Avery Template 5160® that has 30 labels per sheet.

Give this a try and let us know what you think.