Old-Timey: Time Tracking Apps

There are better ways to track project time than punch clocks, spreadsheets, and scraps of paper. (Scroll down to see how they do it in the modern world.)

The ladies in this video hope to get new timekeeping apps for their Android and iOS smartphones. But the boss is so stingy it may not happen for another hundred years. Problem is, he is wasting valuable human resources on standing in line and punching clocks. Couldn’t those human resources be used more efficiently for his core competencies?

Couldn’t they be contributing to the social media buzz around the company and it’s products? After all, these ladies have all proven to spin a good tale when in the company of prolific spinsters of their type.

Or couldn’t the ladies clean up the company website with those extra hours?  It is well known that the female constitution is best suited for cleaning and washing. Why not put the lady’s natural talents to good use?

In any case, the old methods of spreadsheets and hand-built timekeeping apps are out. Get a modern timesheet and the apps to support it.

Are we in deep doo-doo yet?  🙂