New Years Projects

I’m taking the first day back from vacation to survey my open projects.  I’ve got a video script to write.  And then the video recording, and producing.  The voice-over will occur later.  There’s a product update that includes nothing but maintenance bug fixes.  And a few web site updates.  That’s about all…

Things are really slow.  Reeeeeeeaaaly slow.  I’m guessing it’s that way everywhere.  Our corporate web site gets only half the visitors and one-third the downloads.  Good time to write a short blog.

But think about it…  This really is the best time to launch into some big architectural projects.  After all, nobody’s knocking the door down for product updates.  We have time to rethink things, and retool.  But who feels like doing that?  When nobody cares?

My point?  Economic slowdown has a debilitating effect on product development and project management.  Human beings are motivated by interactions with others, not pure technology.  Product purchases, evaluations, customer demands…  All those intangible things are wrapped up in our management choices.  They are what move us.



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