Manufacturing Runs on Standard Time

On the odd chance your manufacturing shop is not running Standard TimeĀ® we’re suggesting this video. It’s a cute little animated job that really only serves to inspire your thoughts along those lines. (scroll down for it) But hey, you’re already running ST anyway, right?

No? Then take a look.

There’s a module in ST that lets you scan manufacturing barcodes to measure time. Find out how much time each product takes, each product line takes, and how long employees are actually spending on manufacturing the actual parts.

Follow these steps to scan a part in your shop:

  1. Begin by scanning the employee name
  2. Scan the project name
  3. Scan the part or serial number
  4. The timer starts
  5. Perform your step in the manufacturing process while the timer runs
  6. Minutes or hours go by…
  7. Scan your employee name again
  8. Scan the word STOP
  9. The timer stops, and you now have one time log with the exact time this employee spent on this single part.

Collect a few hundred of these time logs and you have a valuable asset you can use in meetings, with clients, on invoices, or in post project analysis.

How huge is that?