Interview: Quick Tasks

Quick Tasks are great way to collect ‘Actual Work’ hours from employees.  Users simply click a checkbox to start a timer, and click again to stop.  Hours between those two clicks are automatically entered into the timesheet.  (scroll down for video)

No manual time entry is required.  Just click… click… click throughout the day.  All task hours are collected up in the timesheet.

Every time log created by this process has the following fields available for reporting.

  1. Start and stop time
  2. Actual duration, in hours
  3. Client and project
  4. Project task that was clicked
  5. Category to describe the type of work performed
  6. Any custom fields, copied from the project task

As you can see, you are collecting a lot of information for each click.  There is enough information to invoice clients, pay employees, expense or capitalize projects, or just see where your employee time is being spent.  All that is collected with two lowly clicks.  🙂