Better Than a Spreadsheet

Are you using a spreadsheet to track time, bill clients or using multiple billing rates? Spreadsheets aren’t cost effective in this case.  Consider using Standard Time® instead.  (scroll down for the video)

Here’s the problem.  If want to track client billable hours in a spreadsheet, you’ll need rows or columns for clients, projects, employees, billing rates for each client, days, and hours.  That’s a busy spreadsheet.  In addition, you’ll need formulas and summations to arrive at client billing amounts.

Somebody has to program all that!

And somebody has to maintain the spreadsheet when new clients, projects, employees, and rates change.  Remembering where everything is can be hard enough.  But what if the person who developed the spreadsheet leaves the company?  Things get pretty hard.

There are other issues using a spreadsheet for time tracking.

Employees can’t sync their time with a smartphone time tracking app like Standard Time.  You can’t really share the spreadsheet on the web without locking it for the current user.  The spreadsheet doesn’t check to see if you entered your time into the correct user or project.  And, you could even enter time into the wrong time slot.

A professional time tracking app fixes all that.  You might find that your ‘free’ timesheet is costing you more that you realized.

Click here to download Standard Time.