How To: Resource Allocation in Standard Time

Resource allocation in Standard Time®is very straightforward, mostly because ST does not have the complex scheduling capabilities of Microsoft Project.  The image below shows a (compressed) screenshot of the resource allocation window.  We’ll discuss how to display and manage task allocations.

Standard Time Resource Allocation Window

 First, you should realize that the bars represent hours worked in a time period.  The resource allocation window collects all tasks assigned to each employee, and assembles them into time periods based on their starting dates.  If you have ten tasks that all add up to 80 hours, you might see two bars, one for each week.

The red bar in the image above represents a over-allocated week.  That means you have too many tasks to be performed in a single week.  Yellow bars indicate to little work (or under-allocation).  Blue bars are just about right.

Simply create new project tasks and give each one a starting (and optional due date).  When these tasks are assigned to employees, the resource allocation window shows them split up into time periods.  That’s about all you need to do!  It’s pretty simple.