DCAA Compliant Projects

Are your projects DCAA (Defence Contract Audit Agency) compliant? Maybe you have never heard of this term or perhaps you have never worked with a government contract. In any case, for many people it is highly likely that some day you will. 

Becoming DCAA compliant can be a daunting task. It requires some very general rules on some items and is very specific in most areas. There are guidelines on how to submit proposals, how to track work on those proposals, and it even mandates internal procedures to comply with the DCAA’s rules and regulations. It is so steeped in red tape that there are nearly 100 classes offered on DCAA compliance training. I would not dare bore you with all of the details here, but it is worth noting that consultants/accountants are available who specialize in this field. However, be warned, they are not cheap. 

In addition, there are time keeping/project management tools available like Standard Time that support project efforts to become DCAA compliant. There is a sizable market in government contracting and a nice cottage industry for consultants that specialize in government contracts.  The moral of this blog is take advantage of the expertise available to avoid having to sit through 70-80 classes on DCAA compliance.