CIO Insight: How to Retain Top IT Workers

CIO Insight did an article listing the top 10 ways to retain IT workers.  The link to that article and results are listed below.  It’s pretty interesting, but appeals strictly to the least-common-denominator or employment.  The results could apply to a landscaping firm.


They rated each criteria from 1 to 3, with 1 being the lowest, and 3 being the highest.  Notice that the results have little to do with IT workers.

    Lowest                                                       Highest
        1                               2                                3

    1. Salary: 2.82
    2. Training: 2.47
    3. Incentive pay: 2.40
    4. Paid Time Off: 2.38
    5. Flex Schedule: 2.36
    6. Work Facilities: 2.26
    7. Insurance Benefits: 2.26
    8. Retirement: 2.13
    9. Work at Home: 2.06
    10. Social Environment: 1.99

I’d like to add an intagible criteria to the list: “IT Imortality.”  And I’m wondering where you would place it.  A 1 or a 3?  Send in your comments.

IT Imortality is the chance to rise above your peers in a significant way, building products that change the industry.  It involves working with the brightest and most motivated individuals on the planet.  It means leading (or participating in) a product development team that makes a true impact on your generation.

Although I cannot say I’ve achieved such a lofty status, the lure has certainly been there for every company I’ve worked for.  And, at least a few of my projects have impacted individuals around the world.  That’s offers a sense of achievement that no cubical job can.  I rate that somewhere near 3.


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