Bill Gates’ Exit Interview

Have you seen the Channel 9 interview with Bill Gates?  The link is below.  The interview is about a half-hour long, and focuses on Gate’s plans for the future as he transitions out of Microsoft and into his philanthropist foundation to help the poor.


Here are some quotes I found interesting.  These are the kinds of lines that drive my own thinking.  They drive me to fight for our brand position in the marketplace.

You’ve got to have product plans for every product you expect to release in the next few years.  And those plans have to be very realistic.

 Making sure we take some risky bets.

We are a very self-critical culture.

Software seems to be so complicated…  Software has some composability today…  But we have to make it easier to write big software.  We’ll have a lot more progress in the next decade.

 It’s always surpring to me there’s little attention paid to what we are doing for business users.

We care about the information worker.

We’re always sharing about where were going so people can make plans.


Best of luck, Bill.  Care to comment on the Channel 9 interview or this humble post?  🙂