Words Have Meaning…Coach.

I have written in past blogs about Project Management being a lot like coaching. One part of this I want to elaborate on is our words. I can imagine, in the heat of battle, coach Paul “Bear” Bryant would drop a few “f” bombs on a player, get in his face, and challenge him to do more–and to do it better.  That does not fly as well in the corporate world. A football player can rush on the field and translate that aggression into physical action. It works on the field but not so much in a cubicle.

However, in the office, a manager must still learn to pull the right strings and push the right buttons. The best way to do this is by getting to know your team. Use personality profiles, spend time with your employees sharing their interests, and things outside of work. Then, you will have a better feel for who needs a kick in the pants and who needs a pat on the back. NOW GET YOUR TAIL OUT THERE AND MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN…and do not drop the ball.