Whiteboard: Blocks of Support Time

Are you a consultant? Do you sell blocks of support time to your customers?

Then this video is for you. Scroll down to watch.

You should consider using project tasks to represent blocks of support time you sell to clients. Here how they work:

  1. You create a project task to represent the block to time
  2. Set the ‘Duration’ to the number of hours you sold
  3. Set the ‘Percent Warning’ to 75%
  4. Set the ‘Percent Error’ to 100%
  5. Assign the task to consultants who will be logging hours
  6. When the 75% limit is triggered, you will get an email
  7. Go back to the client and sell the next block
  8. When the 100% limit is triggered, you won’t be able to log any more hours

Sweetness and cool.  🙂