Timesheets are boring

Why get passionate about a boring timesheet tool?  They are little more than cells and dropdown choices that collect your time and expenses.  An endless bucket.  Pointless.  Employees reluctantly fill in those monotonous little cells every Friday afternoon or Monday morning for the week prior.  Time tracking is a chore with little value.

Okay, that’s one perspective…

But have you ever viewed them as an investment?  Like pouring value into your organization that you can mine later?  Consider that for a moment.

What if you could magically predict how long your next project would take?  Or cost?  What if you could walk into the next meeting with hard evidence that your company talents are unfocused and distracted?  That you are fighting too on many fronts?  And in too many battles without clear endpoints?  Wouldn’t that be worth documenting your time for.

That’s what time tracking gives you, among other things.  Still see it as a boring chore?