Timesheet Approvals

Standard Time® makes approving timesheets submitted by employees easy! This will make supervisors, managers, engineers, and consultants happy!

First off, submitting timesheets is totally optional… but here’s how it works: Employees click the ‘Submit for Approval’ button at the bottom of their timesheet.  They only do this once for the week (or pay period).  A message is sent to their manager.  The manager sees a list of employees who have submitted their timesheets.  He approves, and a message is sent to his manager.  And that higher-manager approves.  Timesheet approvals are really that simple.

But again, timesheet approvals are optional in the app.  You don’t need to use them unless your company policies demand it.  They can be a really nice way to check up on the status of projects and tasks.  In other words, this aspect of the timesheet becomes a communication tool.

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