Time Off Calendar

When taking time off work to take the family on vacation you will need to get that time off approved. Standard Time® allows you to see other coworkers time off schedule, holiday time and company day’s off.

Why is it important to see coworker’s time off?  (watch the informative video below)

So you can make sure the whole department doesn’t leave on the same day. Somebody has to man the fort. Not only can you see how many others will take time off, you can see the meetings you will miss. Most of those are a welcomed break, but some may be important.

Here is the lifespan of a time off request:

  1. Employee submits request for time off
  2. Email is sent to manager
  3. Manager reviews and approves
  4. Hours are subtracted from employee bank
  5. Employee optionally modifies the request
  6. The hours are put back into the bank
  7. An email is sent to manager again
  8. Manager re-approves
  9. New hours are subtracted from employee bank
  10. Email is automatically sent to employee notifying them of new approval
  11. Employee takes the actual time off