Task Warnings

Stopping the employee camp-out syndrome. This video show you how! This is an important way Standard Time can keep you on budget and your project on task.

Here’s the issue: sometimes employees camp out on tasks they feel comfortable with.  They may be scared of upcoming tasks they don’t know the details of.  Or they may not know how to perform those upcoming tasks.  They may not know that your project must move forward to make a profit.  After all, few employees truly understand profit and loss.  So stay where it’s comfortable — right there on the comfy tasks.

This Standard Time feature give you a way to move employees through project tasks quickly.  How?  Employees get a popup when their task is nearly complete.  They get an error when it’s fully complete.  Little messages like this are usually enough to ensure that tasks are completed quickly, and employees move onto new tasks right away.

Want something else just as cool?  There are project task rollups in Standard Time.  That means you can see at-a-glance how many hours have been charged to each task.  And those values roll up to the project level, so you see that too.  Getting project status is easy.