Seven Days in Utopia

The movie Seven Days in Utopia is clearly not up to Robert Duvall’s standards.  The story points were awkward and difficult to decipher.  One-shot git-er-done scenes and Karate Kid theme didn’t help.  But I managed to scrape out the movie’s arc and purpose.  It’s about faith and trust in God… and a little golf thrown in.

Buried in the poor directing was a principle that resonated with me.  Duvall’s character says, “The game of golf is about conviction.”  He continues with, “Watch out for that random idea that comes at you, that will throw you right out of your game.  Without conviction, it will make you question your game and shake your confidence.  Without confidence, you cannot win.”

It occurred to me that project management is exactly like that.  Without a clear strategy that rests on bedrock conviction, random ideas from so-called experts will shake your confidence.  You’ll chase a dozen “great ideas” from outsiders and never execute your strategy.  Although while that’s true, you must still remain open to new input.  It’s a touchy game.

Moral of the story: Develop a solid project strategy and hold your confidence.  Follow through with confidence.

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