Service Techs and Route Drivers

Get a service fleet to support your customers? Route drivers? Or service techs?

Then you better track their time. Here’s why: (but watch the video first)

You could be spending a lot more than you need to. And, you may be spending time on secondary customers that don’t fit your priorities. The first issue is self-explanatory, but still pretty important. So let’s talk about the second one — the issue of priority.

Everyone prioritizes customers in terms of revenue and easy of support, right? Sure, you do it whether you know it or not. That’s only natural. You should probably codify that in a document somewhere, but that’s a secondary topic. Once you have your list of top customers, now compare that with the time you’re spending on each one.

Zowie! That could be a shocker!

What if the customers you’re spending the most time on are not the ones at the top of your “best customer” list?