Quick Questions: Quick Task Timer Window

Need to know exactly how long your projects are taking? Or how long tasks take? Or employees are working? There a timesheet feature for that. (scroll down to see it in action, and see the “deer slayer” explain everything)

The Quick Task window is your time tracking answer.

Every task that shows up in your timesheet also shows up in the Quick Task window. There is a checkbox next to each one. Ever seen it? Choose View, Quick Tasks to open the QT window. And just click the checkbox to start and stop the timer. That makes time tracking easy.

Do that for a while and see what happens.

You’ll quickly see how long you’re spending on projects. The actual start and stop times guarantee that. Reports will collect up all that project time and show the total. Or, you can click the Project Tasks tab to see each task total, and the project total at the top.

You’ll see a dozen other things in the Project Tasks tab worth checking out. Most of that information is based on the actual hours you collected when tracking task hours in the Quick Task window. Here are some of them: Actual work, percent complete, client cost, client actual cost.

So you see… this is more than just a time tracker!