Project Revenue Forecasting

Standard Time® helps you win by increasing your sales! It can keep track of project proposals and task lists for your clients. Your employees can download an app for their Android or iOS phones.

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This project revenue chart is like a sales funnel.  You can set the percentage of possible win, and the chart will forecast how much revenue you are likely to get from all the deals.  So let’s say you set the percentage to 50%.  the chart will show half the expected revenue.  If you set the win percentage to 100%, it will show the full amount.  The fact is, you will either win the proposal or not.  There is no such thing as winning 50% of a proposal.  But the chart is trying to forecast the probably income from all the project proposals combined.  You probably won’t win all of them, so the revenue shown is your probable results.

Standard Time does a lot more than project project revenue.  It’s got a full task list for each employee.  There is time and expense tracking.  And PTO time off accruals.  You can run your whole consulting or engineering organization from it.  Not bad for a timesheet app!