Scan Inventory

Scan inventory on the shop floor and get a timestamped record of material usage. Download Standard Time® and give it a try.


You don’t have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane to demonstrate your trust in your fellow man. Give Standard Time® a try instead! It’s not quite so scary. Trust us on that point!

Manage your Shop-Floor

Manage Work In Progress (WIP), work order status, and employee hours with barcodes on the shop floor.

This little video will inspire you to give it a try. When you’re ready, download a copy of Standard Time. It’s easy!

Employee Time Tracking

Have you considered using barcodes to track employee time? Watch the short video below, and contact us at He’ll help you get started!

Track Time and Work Orders

During manufacturing managers follow work orders using our software. Here’s how.

Every time a work order is touched on the shop floor, it is scanned. A barcode label indicates the job number. Scan it, and managers know where that job is. Scan it multiple times, and managers know which employees are working on it. Now, display all that information in a WIP screen. Everybody now knows where the job is. Just look up on the big-screen for details.

We hope you’re inspired to give it a try! Download Standard Time today!

Assembly line ideas for Manufacturing

There are a lot of new assembly line ideas coming into the Standard Time® manufacturing software product. Ideas from other manufacturers. Ideas on how to do things better. Give us a call, and we’ll share what we know.  🙂

Tracking Inventory and BOMs on the Shop Floor

Did they track inventory items on the shop floor in the 19th Century? Yes, they did! With all the diligence and accuracy that a nib pen and inkwell offered. Legers were filled and filed. Accounting was checked and rechecked. Inventory was reordered and restocked.

Nothing has changed.

Except the technology.       (scroll down below the video for a few words)

Has anything changed in inventory management in the last hundred years?

Technology has changed!

You’ve got barcode scanners now. That alone reduces tracking and human error by a large factor. It means clerks with nib pens and paper legers are no longer trailing workers to enter inventory items consumed on the shop floor. It means operators are no longer yelling across the shop floor, “I used another box of bolts!

Standard Time has changed.

No… not the shift from daylight savings to Standard Time. We’re talking about the time and materials tracker: Standard Time®. ST is the manufacturing resource manager you need for inventory tracking on the shop floor.

Download Standard Time and give inventory management a try.

Tracking Time and Materials on the Shop Floor

Let’s get into a slightly more detailed layer of time and expense tracking with the upcoming Standard Time® 2022. The video below takes a closer look.

(scroll down for a short discussion)

Exactly how do you enter time and expense records into ST? How are they organized and arranged? How can managers, supervisors, and normal end-users consume the information. The video introduces all these concepts, but leaves most of the learning to you. Hope you enjoy exploring and trying things!

You can download ST and try all these things right now.

Scan Barcodes on Shop Floor for Manufacturing

Get a look at the future of barcode scanning on the shop floor. This is Standard Time® 2022, expected to be released in the first quarter of 2022. If you’re watching this after the first quarter of 2022, then it’s available now!

Standard Time® 2022 Projects and Project Tasks

Learn the basics of project management in the new Standard Time®. This video will get you started. You’ll learn how to create a new project and tasks. And, you’ll learn where to find them in ST. That’s a start!

Now that you’ve created some jobs with tasks, you can put them to work. How about scanning them on the shop floor? That will get actuals directly from employees with minimal effort. All you need is a barcode scanner.