Mfg Floor

Turns out, you can scan a lot of things on the shop floor. But why? Well… to track work orders, employee hours, materials, inventory coming in and out, and a few other goodies.

In other words, automate the shop floor.

What’s WIP? Work In Progress. By scanning the items above, you get a nice dashboard of your work in progress, also known as WIP. You see the jobs in progress, and who’s working on them. Use that to predict completion times, communicate to sales, shipping, and clients.

As Bill Gates used to say, Information at your fingertips! Or… on the shop wall.  🙂


Shop Floor Organization

One of the best things you can do to save manufacturing admin time is barcodes.

Here’s why: Most shops report their employee time with handwritten timesheets. Workers fill in a sheet for their week and hand it to their supervisors. Have you considered replacing that step with scanning barcodes instead?

You save the minutes and hours that accumulate in filling them out, and you save the human error that results from attempts to remember work performed. You also save transcription mistakes when reentering the hours into other software. Just scan and go!

Barcodes are the best!


Your family and friends know your awesome. But show your coworkers you are!

Shop Floor

Your employees can now tell you what their doing by simply scanning barcodes. That means you’ll have up-to-the-minute status of jobs, work orders, orders, and employees. Just scan and go in Standard Time®.

Dark Mfg

Here’s a fascinating idea! Set up a completely unmanned manufacturing shop. That’s right! Entirely automated, without employees, without human resources. Standard Time® can help when you’re ready.


Fab Shop with Standard Time

Investing in CNC milling is a great investment for your manufacturing shop. But have you considered using Standard Time in connection with it?

What’s Standard Time?

It’s how you track jobs going through your shop. And how you track employee hours. And Work In Progress (WIP). Hopefully, the little video below will inspire you to try ST. Buy a barcode scanner, and use it to track work orders that travel through the shop. Let us know if we can help!  🙂


Manufacturing Resources

Manufacturers!  Start the New Year using barcodes. Exactly how, you ask?

By scanning them to track time and materials.

Turns out, employees can scan work orders to start a timer. When they stop that timer, you have collected the hours worked and status for that job. All with just a few scans. No computer. No software. No sitting in front of a terminal with dirty hands. Just scan and go!

Watch the video and contact us for info!

Scan Inventory on Shop Floor

Checking inventory in and out of stock is as easy as a barcode scan. Watch the guy in this video, then download Standard Time®.

Let us know if scanning turned out as easy as this video!

Track Employee Time

Shop floors can get messy but that is because work is being done. In the end, you still need to track work orders and employee time , even in a hostile environment. Consider barcodes, or even RFID for time tracking in such places.

RFID is completely solid-state, and immune to dust and chemicals. just swipe and go. Nothing bothers RFID… not dust, dirt, grease and grime, grinding dust, or oils. It’s really the best choice for hostile shop floors.

Here’s a little video to inspire and remind you to try Standard Time® with RFID or barcodes.


Scanning Steel Plates From Inventory

Do you love the smell of steel? I love the smell of steel. And the numerous lubricants on the shop floor. And the smell of side-grinders, flux-core welders, and mig, and tig.

We hope you love Standard Time® barcoding software almost as much.  🙂