Employee Timesheets

A timesheet so easy your cat can use it!

All your projects are listed — ONLY your projects.
All your tasks are listed — again ONLY your tasks.

All you have to do is fill in your hours. But don’t let your cat do it. You’re boss can tell the difference!┬á ­čÖé

Manufacturing Challenges

Use Standard Time® to solve manufacturing challenges. Challenges like, knowing where every job is all the time, and like knowing how much time you spend doing them, and like how much inventory those jobs consume.

Try out the barcode scanning capabilities and let us know your results!

Chromebook Track Jobs With RFID

Watch how we use these two Chromebooks to track manufacturing products with RFID tags. Just scan once and you get a timestamped record of the location of your job.

Consider using sticky-label RFID tags on all your boxes, inventory, products, and jobs so they can be tracked through the shop. You’ll know when, where, and who scanned.

Manufacturing Engineer’s Nerve Center Part 2

Hey, nerds! Did you actually watch the Nerve Center Part 1 video?

You did? Seriously? Then you are a nerd.

You will love Part 2 below. It expands upon the nerdishly nerdish capabilities in Standard Time. You’ll need every last drop of this for your staff meetings and weekly tech-drops. Nobody will be more informed than you. Nobody will have more manufacturing job info than you. You are nerd king.

Tell us what you think!

Manufacturing Engineer’s Nerve Center Part 1

Calling all nerd engineers! You will want to memorize this!

Standard Time® has so many valuable capabilities and areas for nerds. Dig into the details, dig into the numbers, dig into the dashboards! This is where nerds earn gold stars for nerdiness, and where the rest of the company gets valuable manufacturing data. Of course, it all starts with barcode scans on the shop floor, and builds into actionable data. Get started today!

Manufacturers Embrace Automation

You can automate your shop! With barcodes and RFID!

Try scanning in Standard Time┬« and see what happens. You’ll instantly see where your work orders are, how long they took to complete, and who’s your best employee. Already know who your best employee is? Hey, you might be surprised!

Automated Imports and Exports

For nerds only. And only nerds who import and export data.

Everyone else… do not click.

This video will hopefully inspire you to try automated imports and exports to exchange data on a scheduled basis. This can be a huge time saver.

Automatically stop abandoned timers

What happens when employees leave at the end of their shifts and forget to clock out? Check this out!

Get Your Gears in Gear

Let us help you get inspired! Ready to make some changes to the shop floor? Why not try barcoding? Barcode labels let you track work order status, employee hours, employee status and availability. Get real-time status of shop floor activities with Standard Time®.

Employee PTO

Learn how to enable and use PTO functions in Standard Time®.

If you’re using ST for barcoding in manufacturing you might also consider allowing employees to enter time off requests for PTO, sick time, personal time, training, etc. Employees will get a bank of hours for each reason you enable. That keeps track of hours available to them for each reason they take time off. In addition to that bank of hours, ST also automatically calculates accruals. So, employees can earn hours periodically for each of these reasons, then request time off for the hours they have available to them. Now you have a fully automated time off system. Pretty nice!