Interview: Customer Login and App

Clients want project status — all the time!  they want to know who is working on it… what is being done… how much it is costing them… and when it will be done.  Drilling into that, clients want to know the status of every task, which ones are finished or near completion, and which ones are upcoming.

That is the purpose of the ‘client login’ feature in your timesheet.  Clients have a special login they can use to check progress without bugging you.  They will see every project you’re doing for them, and all the hours logged.  They can also see expenses.  This becomes their own little project portal.

Download the ProjectBot app from the Google Play Store to do the same thing.

ProjectBot runs on Android.  It’s the same thing as the client project portal mentioned above, but runs on smartphones.  Just another convenience for checking project status.