Inaugural Post

Thank you for visiting!  This is our inaugural post, and we’re happy you’ve joined us.

This blog is dedicated to project teams.  We work with teams every day, developing project management products for them, and supporting them.  We work with executives, project managers, engineers, and all types of employees.

Our specialties are project plans, managing resources, and tracking projects.  Companies use projects to bill clients, develop products, build in-house tools, service customers, implement software, and plenty of other reasons.  Sometimes project costs are most important, sometimes completion time, and sometimes employee allocation.  Everyone uses projects for different reasons.  We recognize that, and will try to address our readers interests.  Please feel free to suggest topics you are interested in.

We know you’re busy, so we’ll try to keep our posts brief.  Feel free to drop by any time.  And good luck in your business!



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