Future Project Billing Rates

With Standard Time® an administrator can predict how much a project will cost. The dates for the project are sometimes far enough into the future that you must set future rates.  You can create date ranges that contain future billing rates.

For example, suppose you needed to predict project costs into 2017 and 2018.  (still future at the time of the article)

The salary and billing rates are likely different for those future years.  You may not know exactly what they will be, but you have an idea.  The software lets you enter your predictions, and uses them for tasks that are scheduled to begin then.

So, back to our 2017 and 2018 example… your future rates will be used for tasks that are scheduled on those future dates.  Each task has a starting date.  Each task is assigned to users.  So, the user rates for those dates are incorporated into the cost of each task.

A task in 2018 may cost more than a task in 2017.  The software knows this.

Watch the video for details.